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Her expertise, along with her sensibility, opens the door to vocal acting out of specialized fields into voices for creatures and monsters in video games and film. Particularly, she lent her voice to:

  • Resident evil 7 (Capcom)

  • Helix, saison 1 (Syfy)

  • Soul Blade (Namco, Project Soul)

  • Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Chimera (Ubisoft)  

  • Tomb Raider : Shadow of the Tomb (Eidos Montreal)

  • Guardians of the Galaxy (Eidos Montreal)

In 2019, she founds The Monster Factory, alongside Sébastien Croteau and Jeffrey MacDermott. The Factory offers expertize unique to the world regarding voice acting and sound creation for many types of virtual creatures. Their talent has taken part in the sound design of hundreds of monsters and creatures over twenty or so video games, films and television series.

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