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Hailing from the Montréal region, mezzo-soprano Corinne Cardinal is truly passionate about vocal techniques. After exploring choir singing during her formative years, she undertakes her studies by enrolling at Cégep Saint-Laurent and obtains her college degree in classical singing in 2007.

From 2007 to 2015, she perfected her instrument with many teachers like Cécile Gendron, Mark Pedrotti, Christine Lemelin and Colette Boky. Come 2015, she decides to push her mastery of her voice further and pursue a bachelor’s degree at UQAM in music (artistic performance concentration).

During her studies there, Corinne develops a varied lyric repertoire and sings in more than eight different languages (Russian, Czech, German, Italian, Latin, Catalan, French and English). She obtains her diploma in December 2018.

In 2020, she obtains Estill Voice Training certificates one and two. This course pertains to parts of the anatomy singers can exercise conscious control on to modify their sound.

Author, Composer &

In 2009, Corinne creates music project Valfreya, merging the metal genre with classical and folk. Throughout this experience, she develops many vocal techniques, matching guttural singing with opera and pop. From 2010 to 2021, the band performs on more than 200 shows across Canada and the United States. The band produced four albums to date. ​

“The Promised Land album offers world-class music. Creative, researched, overflowing with culture and talent, Promised Land assuredly sits the band among the best spokespeople for Quebec metal on the international scene.” -  

In 2019, she joins the first choir composed exclusively of guttural voices: Growlers Choir. The choir was founded by Pierre-Luc Senécal in Montréal.

Corinne also collaborated with many artists as a performer or composer, the likes of Léa Dupuis, Augury, Jeff Marcoux, etc.

Voice Actor

Her expertise, along with her sensibility, opens the door to vocal acting out of specialized fields into voices for creatures and monsters in video games and film. Particularly, she lent her voice to:

  • Resident evil 7 (Capcom)

  • Helix, saison 1 (Syfy)

  • Soul Blade (Namco, Project Soul)

  • Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Chimera (Ubisoft)  

  • Tomb Raider: Shadow of the Tomb (Eidos Montréal)

  • Guardians of the Galaxy (Eidos)

In 2019, she founds The Monster Factory, alongside Sébastien Croteau and Jeffrey MacDermott. The Factory offers expertize unique to the world regarding voice acting and sound creation for many types of virtual creatures. Their talent has taken part in the sound design of hundreds of monsters and creatures over twenty or so video games, films and television series.


Since 2020, Corinne studies for her musicologist’s master’s degree at Montréal University, wishing to analyze vocal techniques in metal music, precisely to identify the process of vocal production permitting control on specific structures of the vocal apparatus linked to guttural metal singing. Its ultimate goal is to produce the first pedagogical treaty on metal singing in English and French.

In addition, Corinne is now a member of diverse research groups such as OICRM and The ACTOR Project.

Vocal Coach

Corinne teaches singing since 2009.

Her vast training and experiences allow her to adapt her teachings to all levels of students and all musical genres, from classical singing to harsh vocals.

Moreover, she is one of the rare people able to teach metal singing (Growl and Fry) in Quebec, combining vocal techniques learned in her many courses and years of experience as a singer and frontwoman for Valfreya. Her musicology studies related on the mechanisms of guttural vocals guaranties secure and effective teachings.

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